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Partnership Programs:

American Indian Science and Engineering Society – MIT AISES – Career  Advising & Professional Development | MIT

American Indian Science and Engineering Society

AISES provides peer support, leadership opportunities, professional development workshops, financial support, and career guidance for its members. They contribute to the community and support the goal of increasing the amount of American Indians in the fields of science, engineering, and other related technology disciplines. See yourself in STEM and want to get involved, email for more information. 



American Indian and Indigenous Grad Student Alliance 

AIGSA’s is here to promote and support American Indian and Indigenous graduate students at UCSB. This support includes connecting students, fostering professional development, and working to develop and enhance American Indian and Indigenous (AII) studies. Do you self-identify as American Indian or Indigenous, or are you an ally? Email to help brighten your community.


American Indian and Indigenous Student Association

AISA was founded to promote cultural awareness within the UCSB community, and to provide an outlet for cultural connection and sense of community for UCSB’s American Indian students. AISA hosts weekly meetings, monthly socials, and cultural/social get-togethers to serve as a time for friends and communities to get together, connect and plan events. Reach out to to learn more. 



American Indian and Indigenous Gardens Alliance

AIIGA seeks to promote the wellbeing and health of the UCSB Native American & Indigenous student community, the local urban Indian community, and the Native American community of the South Coast region by enhancing community building and information sharing opportunities for these said communities to share in educating, inspiring and motivating each other to grow and prepare Native and Indigenous foods that enhance their medical, physical, mental and spiritual well-being. Email for more info.



AIIC RFG - Research Focus Group 

The purpose of the AIIC RFG is to develop frameworks for research that reflect Indigenous conceptualizations of ontology, epistemology, methodology, and axiology. We pursue these frameworks through a collaborative engagement of an interdisciplinary group of scholars at both the faculty and graduate levels. Most importantly, our collective prioritizes the perspectives of and dialogues with Indigenous communities in its queries



AIIC Annual Symposium

The AIIC Annual Symposium brings native communities together to discuss important topics and address misconceptions. Recent symposiums discussed how Decolonization and the importance of this in schooling, tradition and how to keep it alive, and cross-current navigation.